Shout! Shout! For Your Health! A Website for Grrrly Hush-Hush Things!

“SHOUT! SHOUT! FOR YOUR HEALTH!” is about grrrl health and safety. It urges female-identifying persons to advocate and care for their health for the benefit of themselves, other grrrls, and future generations. It is meant to serve all female-identifying people and to help them serve one another through sharing and archiving their own experiences and research.

Shout! Shout! uses various gender-neutral terminology. Borrowing from the Riot Grrrl movement, Shout!Shout! uses the term "grrrl" as a neutral pronoun for female-identifying/questioning/formerly-identified/thereisnosuchthingasagenderbinary/genderisasocialconstructanyway/yourchoiceisrespectedhere way. If you think you are a grrrl, then chances are you are one (even if you decide you're not [or know you're not] since gender is fluid and those who identify as male can totally benefit from this knowledge, we're glad you're here), so let's talk grrrl health!