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"Shout! Shout! For Your Health: A Zine for Grrrly Hush-Hush Things" or "Shout! Shout!" is a zine geared towards GRRRL issues-specifically health and safety. Please download, print, and distribute! These images are set up for printing. Most are one-page zines, but not all of them. See the bottom of this page for print tips. Those issues that are multi-page issues have been reorganized and can be read comfortably in the 'READ!' tab.

"Shout! Shout!" is collaborative. If there is a subject that you would like to see in a future issue or if you would like to collaborate, go to the contact page and send a message!


When printing landscape pages (horizontal--only fold in half once, pages have two panels): set your printer to double-sided to flip along the SHORT edge.

When printing portrait pages (vertical--folded in half twice, so you will see one of the images has four panels): set your printer to double-sided to flip along the LONG edge.

Stapling multiple-paged Zines: Fold your pages in half one-by-one and stack accordingly so that the pages are in the right order. Place the pages so that the front and back cover are on top. Put them on top of a piece of corrugated cardboard (get some use out of all of those boxes you have lying around). Open up your stapler so that the bottom is out of the way and staple at the top and bottom of the center fold/spine (with staple running along it) about an inch from the top and bottom. Gently separate the papers from the cardboard and flip over (center page facing you). Use a flat edge like a butter knife to manually bend the tines of the staples down.

If you are building up your zine collection but don't have access to a printer, let me know! We can work it out so I can send it to you.

If you really want a physical copy of a zine and access or money is an issue, reach out! I will send you a copy!

Email Shout!Shout! with any questions, comments, or just to say 'hey'!